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Welcome to Timberline Range Camps™, Inc. At Timberline™ we specialize in the design, manufacturing and sales of the highest quality Range Camps™, Sheep Camps / Sheep Wagon and Commissaries.  Timberline Range Camps™ was founded by men who are actively involved in the agricultural and transportation industries.  Founders Dan and Matt Mickel are active Sheep and Cattle Ranchers who graze their livestock in Manti-La Sal National Forest, and the desert of western Utah.  In addition with owner Dale Lewis they Ranch around the Sanpete Valley located in central Utah.   At Timberline™ not only do we build state of the art Range Camps™ we also repair and restore old sheep camps and wagons,  as well as the modern recreational vehicles.  We have worked on a wide variety of camps,  we  have seen what does and doesn’t work,  then we apply it to produce a great camp.  Unlike some of our competitor we are not going to claim or try to leave you with the impression that we invented Sheep Camps, Sheep Wagons, or Range Camps™, the fact is that these trailer have been in existence for well over a hundred years.  The Mickel Brothers have a camp that was built in 1951 that is still being used every day in there sheep operation.   Here at Timberline™ what we will claim is that we have taken this hundred plus years of research and development, and made the safest most reliable camp out there.  Our Camps are built by men who are not only the finest craftsman in the business, but they are also trained and certified RV technicians who understand the need for function and safety.  At Timberline™ we use only top quality material in the construction of the most modern, reliable and innovative camps on the market and back them with the best warranty in the industry.  In fact we are confident enough in our Camps that we dare you to compare. It’s not hard to see the ADVANTAGE with Timberline™.

 TIMBERLINE™ the BEST Camp Out There!


“First, thanks for all of the help and patience in preparing to order our camp.  You made sure that we really got what we wanted. From the time we picked up our camp we have really enjoyed it.  It pulls great, and is easy to park and set up. This camp is so comfortable.  Cooking and cleaning is easy, and everything is easy to get to.  You can have people in and not feel crowded.  We have camped in camp grounds, by lakes, and in the hills hunting with no problems. We like camping in it best when it is cold so we can use the wood stove. There is nothing cozier than that stove.  Summer is nice to; the windows are placed so there is good ventilation.  The door coming in from the front is more secure feeling.  The kids are fighting over who will inherit it, but we are determined to wear it out before that happens.”

Pat and Ernie

Sparks Nevada


“As I was researching I came across Timberline Range Camps. I liked the presentation of the website but mostly I liked that the people that were behind the company were sheep men. As I read on different links to the website I could tell that these guys knew what they were talking about. Not only did they have a great design both interior and exterior but they understood the kind of terrain that the camps would be traveling in and that meant durability to me……..

Through the first years, my hired men and I have put the new camp through many trials and tribulations but it hasn’t wavered a bit. It has been in rain, snow, ice, mud, lambing season, and back again and never missed a lick. We now own four TRC camps and couldn’t be happier with our upgrades to our operation. We believe these camps will last for generations to come and there has been no better test than the one a sheep man can give to TRC’s great camps.”

Anthony Theos