LEGEND by Timberline

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It’s called the LEGEND because it is designed after the Sheep Camps of old, with a rugged simplicity that has proven itself for decades in the agricultural industry.

Rather you are looking to replace your old camp, upgrade your current camps or looking to expand your operation, this is the camp for you. The Legend is also an excellent recreational trailer for those adventuresome souls who want a great little do anything, go anywhere camp.

The building foundation behind the Legend and the other Timberline Range Camp models, is to protect its occupants from the harsh conditions Mother Nature puts out year around.  Just like its predecessor you can expect this and other Timberline products to last a life time.  The sheep and cattle men know just what they need in their camps to stay warm and secure over the long months of herding ahead of them.  Thats why more and more of them are upgrading to a Timberine Range Camp.

Some of the improvements available  in the Legend over its predecessors , are wagon or tandem running gear, excellent insulation R values, improved entry doors, laminate interiors, egress windows and much more.  This camp offers quality, affordability and the comfort of kowing they are built by skilled professionals.